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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Chicks were on fire!

There are some days, some rare moments, when you feel connected to humanity. Last night, crooning along with the Dixie Chicks, was one of them. Standing and cheering with 25,000 other fans was not just support for some great music; it was a political statement.
For the first time in a while, I felt like my anger at Bush, his cronies (sans Rumsfeld now, Thank GOD!), his occupation and invasion of a country, was not a solitary experience. I was standing there with a colliseum full of people who believe in democracy, peace and free speech. It was a moving experience and it gives me hope. If you're not familiar with the ordeal that the Chicks have been through since their lead singer noted her embarrassment that Dubya was from their home state of Texas, then read this: http://www.cnn.com/2003/SHOWBIZ/Music/03/14/dixie.chicks.reut/

That aside, it was probably the best concert I've ever been to! 1.5 hours of pure joie de vivre.

What a great kickoff to what's going to be a fantastic weekend.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday evening and my couch is feeling pretty cozy

Hey ladies,

L., thank you for sharing your thoughts. I feel your frustration and blues :) As I said yesterday though, I also know you're one of the most resourceful and scheming people I know :) I relate very much to your posts. Daily life needs to be spiced once in a while - God knows I'm always trying to change things up!! They say that your twenties are allllll about finding your place in this world. I kind of agree - I agree that it's all about looking and finding and trying. I don't agree that there is ONE place to be found. We are many things; I'm an educator, a development worker and (wannabe) scholar. Why pigeon hole myself just yet? It's too much fun trying the tapas to choose just one entree.

Speaking of changing things up, I have an interview with Right to Play on Monday - the organization has changed and I worked my a$$ off to get an interview. It'll probably be for a placement in Africa (vacation in May, L.? :D). I feel like all the hard work searching is paying off.

S., I'm TOTALLY ready for our trip!!!! Some suggestions for things to do. Manicure (I REALLY want one), sexy night lounge, walks along the water and flea market shopping. Fun, hmm?!?!

I'm chilling in tonight although I MUST watch Borat sometime soon. L., if you do not find this funny, then I'll shoot my foot.

Have a good night girls...less than a week till take off!



snow snow, go away!

shout out to my girls!

Sitting here, waiting for my 3rd load of laundry to finish, munching on organic cocoa snaps which are labeled "the lover's treat" - it's a snowy saturday. I have a paper to finish, laundry to fold, and phone calls to make. Typical!
As thursday approaches, I get more and more excited to come back for a visit and have a break/retreat from the same old here. I am sure you both feel that way?
L. good post - funny enough, I could sense you were feeling "under the weather".
A road trip sounds fun!
A. I know what you mean about the constant adaptation. I sometimes wonder if I influence the group I am with more than the group influences my behavior???
I don't have any lightening bolts (thought provoking ideas) today - will post as soon as I do.
A. got the speed dating websites you sent... interesting.. it's quite $$$ though... we'll see.
Hope you both have a great weekend - make time for some R&R.
much love,

Friday, November 03, 2006

Rain, rain, go away!

Dear girls,

After nearly two weeks of absence from our blog, I am finally sitting down to write. To be honest with you, it’s been over a week since I’ve read your posts and until now, I haven’t had any inspiration to write. On my day off, with my hubby across the country in Quebec City, I’ve had some time to think.

I realize that I’ve been dealing with a bit of a depression. I’ve discussed my feelings with B. and he said that after spending so much time seeing patients, he knows that I am exactly the type of patient to whom doctors would prescribe an antidepressant. Not that I am in a severe depression, but antidepressants require a lot less work than cognitive behavioural therapy and introspection. I do, however, plan to get passed this on my own. It's weird how you can get into a slump like this when there's nothing wrong with your life.

Today, I realized what I need. Something tangible to plan and organize. Not future dreams (like a log home) but something that will happen sooner. Today, I began toying with the idea of a road trip across Canada. We’ll see if B. can start his residency late... Even just the thought of it has lifted my spirits!

A., regarding your post about the pharmacists role in counselling on new medication, I agree that it doesn’t seem like you had a great experience. There is so much information out there about all kinds of medication that it is impossible for us (as pharmacists) to have all the answers. So, I believe that our specialty comes in knowing where to find the answers. A good pharmacist would have offered to find the information for you. But to find a good pharmacist, you need to go to a pharmacy that specializes in patient care and counselling, and not low dispensing fees!

S., congratulations on the continued weight loss. I think you look very beautiful the pic you posted. The short hair really suits you.

Time to snuggle up with a hot coffee and warm blanket.


“why do they call it pms?? Because ‘mad cow’ was already taken!”

Illusions of Image

The Ouchi Illusion - The Ouchi illusion, illustrated above, is an illusion named after its inventor, Japanese artist Hajime Ouchi. In this illusion, the central disk seems to float above the checkered background when moving the eyes around while viewing the figure. Scrolling the image horizontally or vertically give a much stronger effect.

The illusion is caused by random eye movements, which are independent in the horizontal and vertical directions. However, the two types of patterns in the figure nearly eliminate the effect of the eye movements parallel to each type of pattern. Consequently, the neurons stimulated by the disk convey the signal that the disk jitters due to the horizontal component of the eye movements, while the neurons stimulated by the background convey the signal that movements are due to the independent vertical component. Since the two regions jitter independently, the brain interprets the regions as corresponding to separate independent objects.

Source: mathworld.wolfram.com/OuchiIllusion.html

S., our conversation left me thinking about the question of images, and the ones we try to present of ourselves. It's funny, because I think a have a 'working me', a 'home life me' and a million other little mini-me's that people see throughout the days.

People who know me well, know all the insecurities and fears that chomp away at my ego. They know that I worry about my weight, my work, getting into law school, moving out of my parents' home, etc., etc. But to most others, I try pretty hard to keep up a front of maturity, confidence and stability.

In an ideal world, we wouldn't have to worry about letting our guard down. Work-place bullies wouldn't exist and neither would catty women who are just waiting to pounce. But, as a woman today, especially, we have to be careful about the image we create. All it takes is a tearful breakdown at work or two or a few ill-timed words during 'that time of the month' and we're seen as weak. How to fight fire with fire while recognizing that we're not robots, but human beings! (My office is all women and for once, we're all FRIENDLY, SUPPORTIVE and UNDERSTANDING!! What luck!)

On the other hand, home time for me, has been a time where I've made the least effort to censor myself or the 'real me', sometimes to the detriment of my relationships. Knowing that family will always be there has made it easy to take advantage of the home.

It's hard to find a balance between being 'you', being what you want others to see and nurturing relationships and loved ones.



Thursday, November 02, 2006

The gray hair and other creepo signs of life

S., I could totally relate to your thoughts about the gray hair. I've pulled one before and it was quite shocking! How on EARTH does just ONE hair become gray? (Or in my case, stark WHITE!?!). Sometimes, I'll catch the wrinkle lines in the mirror - my forehead or right beneath my eyes. Some vigorous rubbing with my own special elixir (Oil of Olay and Ponds greasy cream) and they disappear. For the moment.
I always said I'd age gracefully and without spending too much time worrying about the signs of war. I think I still will, but it IS shocking to see the occasional blip on the youth radar!! For 20 odd years we wanted to look older and now, I'm happy when I get ID'd when buying cigarettes! :D

It's a cold and rainy day here in the burbs - I should be home with Vanity Fair and Elle, but instead I'm waiting for students who need help. Great.

Have not lost ANY weight but I'm ok with that for now. A lot has been going on and I don't mind making excuses for another little bit. When the time is right, it WILL happen! Congrats to you, S., for keeping up the hard slog.

I should run. Hugs to you both, and to you, Bo (I gave my sis the ability to post - is that ok, girls?)



I am not my hair!

hello again,
It's a crisp morning here, about -20 and it was hard to leave the comfort of a warm bed for the gym, so I've stayed put - opted out of a workout today.
- back to the gray hair situation... I guess it brings me to the point of realization " I am getting older" - will i go prematurely gray? Common questions I have regarding hair: I have very short hair, do guys like short hair? The media seems to indicate they don't and encourages "us" to go for long flowy locks. Because I have short hair, am I less disireable? I know you are probably wondering where I am going with this - let me assure you - when I have ALL the answers I will be sure to post them!
Lately I have had a few friends going through depression - or in a time of "oppression" as I like to call it. All these bad feelings and negative perspectives from them, get me thinking about my capacity to feel different emotions. In a way - after being depressed, I am thankful that I have a point of reference and can then appreciate joy and elation. Without those valley's I wouldn't be able to appreciate the Mountain Tops as much.
Weight wise, was down another 1lb last saturday and am aiming for another 3 or 4 before I fly out on thursday. I have started up my resistance training routine again and am really feeling strong and great. I feel like I still have another 15-20lbs to lose, but am starting to adjust to the way I look now, it's a constant tug of war. The other issue is that thursday night I will be seeing my parents, my mom. She seems to project on me her own weight loss goals for me, it's always nerve wracking going home - the "eyes" will look me up and down and rate me in giving their inevitable disapproval.
It's almost 8am - gonna grab me some breakfast and then try to head out for a run in attempts to "clear my head and drink that sun" - Indigo Girls
Hope you both have a wonderful day!
L. haven't talked to you in a while - your back right? how's work?


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I found a gray hair!

hey girls...
sorry been absent for a bit - A, agreed been a kinda blah last couple of days for me too...
I can't write at length right now, but I will leave you with this truth I discovered yesterday while styling my beautiful mane - ONE GRAY COARSE HAIR!
At 25, I guess I must realize this is a reality - the clock ticks!
to be continued...


halfway through tuesday and i can't wait to hand out candy

So it's been a draggy kind of few days.
Had a 'fight' with my mom, if you can call it that. Without going into details, it was not exactly catastrophic. As with many events in our house, however, things can quickly spiral dowhill very quickly.
*Sigh. What to do? Look for a job for January, that's what to do!
And look I am/will :D I spend my hours scouring the web, searching for something interesting. Have left it till the LAST possible day to apply to a couple of law schools - cold feet, I guess.

I saw the cutest little boy with knock knees in a superman outfit this morning. He made everything ok :)

Happy Halllloooweeeeen!!!!!


Friday, October 27, 2006


Happy Friday.

By the way, I have to say that when I wish you all a 'Happy Hump Day', I am NOT referring to 'humping', but rather the hump of the week, being Wednesday. LOL. My sister told me that I come off as sounding dirty. Hahaha. So there - no dirt.

Anyways, I've been toying with the idea of Nepal. Unless the director of the NGO I'd work for enjoys dangling carrots without letting rabbits chomp down, they're looking at offering me a position in the next few days. At first it really scared me - so far for so long and so isolated! But the more I think about it, the more I like it.
So many things to think about!!! $150 away from Lhasa, Tibet. Imagine!


L., your question about why I didn't note the pharmacist's role in my article is a good one. It's actually something I would add in towards the end. Friends have asked the same - they've had some great experiences with pharmacists and everyone's recognizing the growing role that the profession plays. Unfortunately, it wasn't so great for me. After briefing me on what initial symptoms might be, they asked if I had any questions and so I asked a bunch and came away feeling like the side-effects of this drug were nothing too grave. They only knew what was written on the info sheet that I, too, could also read :(

Looking forward to hearing your perspective on how much we can expect pharmacists to know about the drugs they dispense. Seems like a heck of a lot of info to be on top of when the system isn't really geared to that. Thoughts/Ideas? You and I talked about the importance of the common citizen taking responsibility for herself by asking questions and being open to receiving information. I agree but I also think something's missing in the system!!! How can we fix a growing problem???

I got my hair done last Saturday but the color is coming off only to reveal the ugly bleached hair underneath. DAMN IT! I'm going back on Saturday for them to fix it. Wish me luck. L., when's your appt?


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

looking hot, mama!

Hey you two,

S. - COURAGE, you have! That's awesome. You must be really proud of yourself. The before and after pics are key to keeping motivated, eh?

Nothing to report right now...will write properly tomorrow.